About us
       Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology is a full-time application-oriented undergraduate college characterized by engineering with coordinated development in economics, management, education, law, and literature. The Institute has two campuses, namely Luojiang campus and Mianzhu campus, covering an area of 133 hectares; it has a collection of 1.38 million books, 2.28 million digital books and more than 500 printed journals in the library. There are 12 secondary colleges in the Institute as follows(embodying over 70 majors for undergraduate and junior college students): College of Intelligent Manufacturing and Vehicle Engineering, College of Construction Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Computer Engineering, College of Finance and Economy, College of Management, College of Food, College of Physical Education, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of International Education, College of Aviation, and College of Further Education. The Institute currently has more than 16,000 students and a faculty of 995, 36.4% of whom are professors or assistant professors and 42.1% possess a master’s or doctor’s degree; among them 3 professors are honored as Outstanding Teachers by provincial government.
       At present, the Institute has established 124 labs and training rooms on campus and 333 training bases off campus with enterprises. The institute set up many research workshops such as the workshop of Gu Binglin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of Tsinghua University, Automotive Engineering Research Center, Construction Engineering Research Center, Higher Education Research Center and other research and training offices. The Institute is responsible for the project of constructing Pilot Project of Comprehensive Reform in Sichuan Province--- International Exchange and Cooperation Reform in Vocational Education and the Construction Project of Key Majors with Distinctive Features in Private Colleges in Sichuan Province. It attaches great importance to scientific research and applied technological innovation, and has published nearly a thousand research papers in recent years and obtained nearly 100 patents. 
      The Intitule sticks to the principle of ” based in Deyang, serving Sichuan, radiating the west China, facing the whole country, setting the eyes on the world” . Till now, the Intitule has established cooperation with Germany, United States, United Kingdoms, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Laos, etc. The institute invited Joseph Martin Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany as senior development strategy advisers, and introduced German 'dual system' vocational education concept and advanced technical education resources in the fields of automobile maintenance and service, automation technology and other fields to create favorable conditions for the cultivation of high-end technical graduates.
      The graduates of the Institute are welcomed by employers for their “ comprehensive quality, good professionalism, practical skills, and quick adaptability to the post”. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for several years, ranking the forefront of similar universities in the province and has been awarded the titles of “Advanced Units for Graduate Employment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province” and “Advanced Universities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education” by the provincial and municipal department of education
      The Institute upholds the educational philosophy of “educating responsible citizens with responsible education” and the fundamental task to continuously improve its talents training ability, focusing on new engineering skills and insisting on serving students, with reform and innovation as the driving force, strive to build a collaborative education mechanism and continuously improve its teaching in order to build an internationally leading and regional first-class application-oriented university, and output more and better talents for economic and social development