School    of    Nursing
2020-03-02   From:

The School of Nursing was established in June 2018, and currently has more than 1,300 nursing students.

The school strives to build a professional, well-structured, full-time and part-time combined faculty team who are dedicated to work, united, enterprising, pioneering, innovating, with rich clinical work experience. Focusing on the education philosophy of “cultivating talents with social responsibility with socially responsible education” and the school spirit of “aim at absolute perfection”, we continue to strengthen the teaching infrastructure, enrich the teaching content, and vigorously promote the development of the school. At present, the school has 57 full-time and part-time teachers, including 45 professional teachers, 18 with the title of deputy high school or above, accounting for 40%. There are 8 postgraduates and 23 double-qualified teachers.

Our goal is to cultivate high-end practical talents with modern nursing concepts, strong practical skills, adapting to the development of the medical nursing, and capable of engaging in clinical nursing, community nursing, health design and management, and elderly health services. We have a variety of basic medical laboratories and nursing training centers, with advanced teaching equipment and models, and have more than 20 general hospitals of Grade 2 or higher as practical teaching bases, providing all-round and optimized guarantee for the students' study and clinical practice in school.

In order to help students to improve their academic qualifications, the school allows joint junior college and bachelor degree in '1 + X' certificate learning mode. In the two years of theoretical study in college, students complete their undergraduate studies, obtain self-taught undergraduate diploma. We actively carry out foreign cooperation and exchanges, and jointly build the Tsushima International Medical Welfare Class with Japan Medical University and Japan Tsushima Medical Welfare Group, providing a broad platform for the international development of students.