School  of  Food
2020-03-02   From:

Based in Deyang, the school serves Sichuan, radiates the West and faces the whole country.  We closely integrate the development status of China's food industry and take service to economic and social development as our mission. In response to the requirements of modern food safety and the urgent need of middle and high-end professionals in the alcohol industry, combined with the development strategy of Sichuan food industry, especially the alcohol industry, we are committed to cultivating compound food engineering talents who meet the needs of the times, have excellent professional skills, and have obvious employment advantages.

The school adheres to the principle of 'school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination' and upholds the teaching philosophy of responsibility. The School of Food Science has a teaching team composed of professors, doctors, and graduate students.

The Food Experiment Center prepares teaching and training equipment such as liquid fermenters, intelligent biological fermenters, automatic nucleic acid protein separation chromatography, high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, and rotary evaporators.

We established cooperative relations with JNC Group Co,. Ltd., Sichuan Poerous Winery and other enterprises, and has established talent-oriented training classes such as 'Jiannanchun Class' and 'Poerous Class', lays the theoretical and practical foundation for cultivating multi-skilled and multi-level compound talents, and opens channels for students' off-campus practice and employment.

The school attaches great importance to consolidating the foundation of scientific research, and strives to create a talent training model that integrates production, teaching, and research, and aims to deliver more professional talents with both morality and talent to the society.