School    of    Architecture
2020-03-02   From:

School of Construction Engineering is based in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and radiates to the southwest, cultivating application-oriented civil engineering talents with innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities that meet the needs of the industry.

The school now offers 3 undergraduate majors in civil engineering, engineering cost and art design, and 4 junior college majors in engineering cost, construction project supervision, construction project management and architectural interior design. We have built materials laboratory, civil engineering laboratory, material mechanics laboratory, construction engineering management training room, mapping data processing training room, software training room and other experimental training rooms, providing students with comprehensive, market-oriented experimental training and practice qualification training and identification, offering a good hardware foundation for student practice.

The school vigorously promotes the talent training model of 'school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination, and rationality-practicality integration'. Our advantage is that as a member of the Sichuan Construction Vocational Education Group, we can work closely with civil engineering companies, actively seek school-enterprise cooperation, share resources, and complement each other. The school has established school-enterprise cooperative relations with dozens of civil engineering enterprises, including China light industry Chengdu Design Engineering Co., Ltd, Zhongzihunabei Engineering Consultancy Co., Ltd, Chengdu Lianjia. We jointly run talent-oriented training classes with enterprises, and actively explore the educational mode of “cooperative management, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development”.

The college implements 'dual certificate' of graduation certificates and national vocational qualification certificates. Students can obtain BIM-related certificates, masonry, steelworkers, concrete workers and other certificates according to the actual situation in school. After graduation, our students mainly engage in front-line business management in construction enterprises, architectural decoration engineering companies, design institutes and other enterprises.