School  of  Aviation
2020-03-02   From:

The School of Aviation of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology is one of the first schools to enroll full-time students for aviation majors in Sichuan Province. The school owns a number of professional and qualified teachers with rich experience in teaching and working in aviation industry. The faculty members are of high level of expertise, who also reveal their diversities in aspects of age, educational background and the title of a technical post.

The school has established leading specialized training centers in the country, namely Air Service Training Center, Logistics Simulation Operation Sand Table Training Center, JD Training Center and Intelligent Storage Training Center.

The school always believes in the idea of “taking on the social responsibility, establishing a first-class discipline and nurturing talents for aviation” and emphasizes that vocational education of students should be in sync with the need of employment. Thus, it has cultivated numerous application-oriented talents for the development of civil aviation and the construction of society and economy of our country. Over 96% of the students joined the aviation industry after graduation.

Now, by enhancing the construction of majors and attracting more high-end double-certificate teachers, the school is actively making student education meet the actual needs of society and is trying its utmost to become a high-standard and featured school which is closely related to the aviation industry.