School    of    Electronic    Information    and    Computer    Engineering
2020-03-02   From:

School of Electronic Information and Computer Engineering, Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology is one of the first major colleges in the college. The majors of Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Application Technology are the first batch of Bachelor and College majors to be supported and constructed respectively. According to the development strategy of creating 'the world's intelligent manufacturing capital' of Deyang, and “Province with strong and prospering industry ' of Sichuan, relying on the development needs of the electronics industry in Deyang and Sichuan, the school has successively established a number of application-oriented and market-connected majors such as software engineering, digital media application technology, electrical automation technology, and Internet of Things application technology.

The school has a high-level teaching staff with rich teaching experience, which has laid a solid foundation for the cultivation of high-quality and innovative talents. We implement a talent training model of 'industrial-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation, work- learning combination, and knowledge-action joint'. We work closely with large local production enterprises to establish stable professional group training bases with many powerful and well-known enterprises such as Sichuan Huadi, Microsoft, Sichuan Changhong, Great Wall Broadband Network and other powerful companies. These companies provide students with a good platform for internships, take the initiative to participate in the teaching process, and work with the school to formulate a talent training program to lay a solid foundation for high-quality and long-term employment. Our graduates are generally welcomed by employers for their strong ideology and morals, wide range of employment, solid professional knowledge, and high work skills.

Now, the school is vigorously implementing the talent strategy and internationalization strategy, actively promoting education reform, and striving towards the development goal of building a high-level and distinctive school of electronic information and computer engineering!