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Employment Guidance Service Center Provides Non-stop Services for Students

During this special period of epidemic prevention and control, the School Employment Guidance Service Center offers on-line service, and took multiple measures to strengthen the online job information release and service.

Inspirational short film of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology: Here, time is our best friend.

The process of pursuing dreams is always lonely. Here, time is our best friend, and time is the best catalyst for sprouting hope." After several months, the CCTV dual channel program-- promotional video of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology was officially launched today.

Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology: Spread the Power of Youth and Stick to Its Responsibilities

In the past few days, the teachers and students of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology have actively responded to the call of the Party and the State, rushing to join the war "epidemic" in their hometown, spreading their youth power with their own actions, and interpreting the responsibilities as a college students. Let the Party’s flag fly in the front line of the war against new coronavirus of our homeland. Wu Huang, a teacher of the School of Electronic Information and Computer Engineering, decided to join in the volunteers of the Shidi Hongshe Community in Mianzhu , Deyang City, since his hometown began to carry out community management. After learning about the recruitment information of local county government volunteers, Mr. Chen Cai took the initiative to join the temporary party branch of the Volunteer Team for epidemic prevention and Control in Shilong, Donggongsi Street, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. Since he joined the volunteer work, for more than 20 days he always was very busy from morning to night, but he had no complaints. He said: "To prevent and control the epidemic, party members need to work in the front line; it is the responsibility of an educated Chinese in times of crisis." Li Ying, a second-year E-commerce major and a youth League secretary, lives in Baijiadu Community, Gusong Town, Wenxian County, Yibin City. He signed up as a volunteer for community inspection and guarding at intersections the moment volunteers are needed. He said that this year he had been selected as a candidate for joining the Party. "The more dangerous the situation is, the more we should step forward. Compared with the volunteers and medical staff on the frontline in Wuhan, this is hardly worth mentioning" . Many students who volunteer to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic are not members of the Communist Party, but they are also working on the front line of the epidemic prevention and control. "Wash your hands frequently, ventilate, don't gather for meals, don't go out, wear a mask" ... Warm reminders of every household who walked into Xiehe Town, Nanfang County, Nanchong City. As a member of the Communist Youth League, Yang Haoyu,a student of Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Management Class 1, volunteers to work at the front line to fight against the "epidemic" in towns. Yang Haoyu said: "Where the epidemic is, where the Communist Youth League is, and we will guard it in my hometown." According to statistics, currently, more than 100 teachers and nearly 100 student volunteers have joined the fight against this epidemic.

New Momentum for Our Institute's Internationalization —— President Zhang Xiaonan Visiting the University of Florida School of Medicine by Invitation

On March 11, President Zhang Xiaonan and his party of 6 were invited to visit the University of Florida School of Medicine and its affiliated Wolfson Children's Hospital, Nimerson Children's Hospital, and Anderson Cancer Center ( MD Anderson Cancer Center).

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