New  Momentum  for  Our  Institute's  Internationalization
——  President  Zhang  Xiaonan  Visiting  the  University  of  Florida  School  of  Medicine  by  Invitation
2019-03-11   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

On March 11, President Zhang Xiaonan and his party of 6 were invited to visit the University of Florida School of Medicine and its affiliated Wolfson Children's Hospital, Nimerson Children's Hospital, and Anderson Cancer Center ( MD Anderson Cancer Center).

President Zhang and his party were warmly welcomed and received by the leaders of the University of Florida School of Medicine. The two parties held talks on future academic exchanges and cooperation, and reached a consensus on the setting of majors, teacher’s further education, and studentsacademic performance of our Institute.



This visit promoted academic exchanges and cooperation between our Institute and the University of Florida School of Medicine, provided more learning and exchange opportunities for teachers and students of the school of nursing, expanded our school's international cooperation channels, and provided our Institute with new international perspectives in cultivating talent. The trip has established a new platform that will further highlight the internationalization of our Institute.