School    of    Finance    and    Economics
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The School of Finance and Economics has two undergraduate majors: financial management and financial engineering. The financial management, one of the key majors of our university, began to recruit students in 2016. The school has 4 majors for junior school students, namely accounting, financial management, agricultural economic management, and auditing. Among them, accounting has been set for 12 years. Students of this major have always been at the top of the accounting skills competition in vocational schools of Sichuan Province, and the teaching level stay high above other vocational schools in the province.

The School of Finance and Economics has been committed to developing faculty of 'dual professionalism'. More than two-thirds of the the teachers have teachers ‘certificate and technical titles of accountant, economic analyst, taxation license, auditor’s license, etc., among them five are certified accountants, registered asset appraisers, registered tax accountants, two are senior accountants, one is international registered management accountant, and one is international registered internal auditor. More than 40% of the faculty are professors or assistant professors, and over 90% hold a master’s or doctor’s degree.

The school vigorously promotes the teaching model of 'school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and theory and skills combination', implements a two-certificate system, and strives to combine academic education and vocational education. At least two-thirds of students have obtained at least one professional certificate besides the diploma. The school has established a financial training center, including 11 intelligent labs, a smart finance lab, a financial sharing laboratory, a bank simulation room, a finance and insurance training room, and an ERP sandbox simulation. At the same time, as a member of the Union of Finance and Economics in Sichuan Vocational Schools, it has close cooperation with many enterprises and institutions such as China CITIC Bank, Great Wall West China Bank and other institutions. The cooperative relationship has established various internship and employment channels for the students. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% in recent years.

During the past few years, teachers of the school have been achieved a series of teaching results through the continuous efforts. Since 2012, the first year participating in the Accounting Skills Competition of Sichuan Higher Vocational Schools, the school did very good job in every year’s competition: two first prizes, five second prizes, and two third prizes. In the second 'Great Wisdom Cup' National School Student Financial Elite Challenge in 2015, students won two first prizes, two second prizes, and 16 third prizes. In 2015, in School Student Securities Investment Simulation Competition of Sichuan, the school was awarded second prize (group). In 2017, in 'Hengxin Cup' Tax Skills Competition of Sichuan Province, the school won the third prize (group).

In 2019, in the 'Note Association Cup' accounting skills competition (undergraduate group) in Sichuan Province, the school won one second prize, one third prize; it also won one second prize in the National Enterprise Value Creation Competition of Southwest China, and  two second prizes in'Xin Dao Cup' Accounting Skills Competition. Apart from that, teachers of the school made various achievements too: one third prize (nationwide), two second prizes (provincial), and one third prize (provincial) in the teaching competition. They have published more than 20 professional textbooks as sole author or co-author and presided over 30 research projects (provincial and municipal) and published more than 50 thesis in core journals of China.