Royal  to  Our  Responsibilities  at  the  Critical  Moment
——Sichuan  Institute  of  Industrial  Technology  Taking  Initiative  to  fight  Against  Novel  Coronavirus
2020-02-04   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology seriously implemented the important instructions of President Xi Jinping and the instructions of Premier Li Keqiang, and has seriously implemented the arrangements made by the Ministry of Education and provincial government, attach great importance to the new situation and take effective measures to prevent and control the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus of the campus.

Effective and thoughtful deployment. On January 27, the school set up an epidemic prevention and control working group led by the president, Professor Zhang Xiaonan, to arrange and deploy the Institute’s epidemic prevention and control work. The leading group pointed out that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is complicated and severe. All faculty and staff must attach great importance to this epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely win the fight against novel coronavirus. The group put forward seven specific requirements: first, filter the whole faculty and all students to make list of those who used to travel to or through Wuhan and surrounding areas, those who have close contact with returnees in Wuhan and surrounding areas; if any, report to the office whether they have suspected symptoms related to novel coronavirus. Second,  strengthen publicity and education and guidance. Party organizations at all levels and the majority of teachers, students, and party members need to do their best to guide public opinion and do not believe in or spread rumors. Third, strengthen each department’s duty during the holiday, and report the status of faculty and students in a timely manner. Fourth, strengthen campus safety management and public health methods, being financially and materially prepared. Sixth, keep contact with  relevant health departments. Seventh, ensure timely and accurate reporting of the health status of all students and faculty. The working group also requires all departments and secondary colleges to prepare emergency response plans for their units as soon as possible, and to scientifically regulate the epidemic prevention and control work.

Collective purposes form a fortress. On January 29, the Institute's Party Committee issued the ' a letter to Party organizations of all levels and all the Party members and cadres—it’s time to show the true nature of a responsible citizen ', calling on the party organizations of all levels and the Party members and cadres to set an example in fighting heroically against the novel coronavirus. Take epidemic prevention and control work as an important mission, and take the initiative to participate in the work; make full use of the advantages of politics, organization, and the advantages of close contact with the masses. All of us should earnestly study and implement the school's decisions; work at the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in order and well-organization; strictly observe political discipline and work discipline, and firmly ensure the smooth implementation of government orders. Any ignorancedelay to order implementation is prohibited. At the same time, the Institute issued an 'Open Letter to All Teachers, Students, and Employees', calling on everyone to protect themselves, seek psychological and medical care in time if in illness. Students must not return to the campus in advance. The letter timely conveyed the spirit of the provincial Party Committee government and education administrative department.

Clarify responsibilities and implement them carefully. Since the school's 'Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia of Novel Coronavirus Infection' was issued, all departments and secondary colleges have responded actively and implemented it step by step. The school office dynamically grasps the situation of teachers and students in accordance with the prescribed time every day, and reports it to the provincial and municipal education administrative departments in a timely manner through the OA office platform. At the same time, the Institute establishes a daily work account to ensure that the situation is in control, the data is accurate, and the report is updated. The Planning and Finance Division actively prepares materials needed for epidemic prevention and control, such as disinfection water, bleach powder, electronic thermometer, and masks. The Department of Security has strengthened the investigation and inspection of people entering and leaving the campus by testing their body temperature every time they went to the campus. At the same time, all the vehicles entering the campus have been disinfected. The Logistics Office has strengthened sanitation efforts by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the campus. Disinfection workers did a full-scale, carpet-type disinfection of the campus every day, and completed the disinfection work in standard steps in order to achieve environmental hygiene without leaving dead ends. The Academic Department made the work plan for online teaching. Teachers of all colleges and classes should carefully follow the principle of “not diminishing teaching content and not diminishing courses’ quality”, and organize online teaching to ensure that students’ learning is not postponed. The Student Affairs Department has worked out some plans to further strengthen students’ management, including the timely convening of class meetings, monitoring of students' temperature, and suspension of large-scale activities. The International Cooperation and Exchange Department work hard to guarantee the health of international students on campus, insisted on taking temperature twice a day and online teaching without any face-to-face contact. The Publicity Department of the Party Committee gives useful knowledge about prevention and control of pneumonia of navel coronavirus infection to teachers and students in a timely manner through the school QQ group, WeChat and Weibo, providing practical and useful preventive measures to keep teachers and students secured both mentally and physically.