Collective  purposes  form  a  fortress
------Together  we  fight  against  the  novel  coronavirus
2020-02-03   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

In order to implement the spirit of the important instructions of President Jinping on the pneumonia epidemic of novel coronavirus infection and the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, according to the relevant notification requirements of the Ministry of Education and Sichuan Province, the leaders of our school attach great importance to the deployment of various epidemic prevention Control work and the guidance of public opinion on prevention and control. Based on duty system, the Institute implements various prevention and control measures, and ensure the health, safety and stability of teachers and students of the Institute.]

Pay great attention and strengthen leadership. The school printed and issued the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia of Novel Coronavirus Infection ', established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, and arranged the overall working plan of epidemic prevention and control. The president of the Institute is in charge of the overall work of epidemic prevention and control, and the other leaders are the deputy team leaders in charge of their own fields. The heads of all departments and secondary colleges are directly responsible for the epidemic prevention and control of their own department.

Strengthen overall planning, publicity and guidance. Since January 22, various departments and secondary colleges have sorted out the latest status of their faculty, staff and students, whether they have recently traveled or lived in Wuhan, or contacted confirmed cases or suspected cases of novel coronavirus, and medical observers. The Publicity Department of Party Committee and Students Work Department of Party Committee make full use of the media platforms to dispatch disease prevention knowledge, such as washing their hands, wearing masks, not going to areas with high incidence of epidemics and crowded places, etc.

Strengthen campus safety management and increase environmental sanitation on campus. The School Security Department conducts check-in and check-out procedures for everyone entering and leaving the campus, and conducts temperature detection to strictly control the movement of personnel. The Logistics Office has strengthened sanitation efforts, thoroughly cleaned the campus environment, and provided targeted disinfection training for disinfection staff in advance. Professionals carried out a full-scale, carpet-type disinfection on the campus every day in order to further promote the improvement of environmental sanitation, and create a healthy campus environment for teachers and students.

Strengthen the sense of responsibility and supervision. The Institute closely communicates with the health department and the CDC, timely understands and grasps the epidemic situation, timely communicates with higher-level party committees and governments about the arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control work, so that teachers and students in the institute fully recognize the virus, severity and complexity of the virus-infected pneumonia epidemic and its prevention and control work. We should keep focused on the situation, meanwhile stay calm inside and active in actions to resolutely win the tough battle against novel coronavirus.