Stop  schooling  but  never  stop  learning  —Sichuan  Institute  of  Technology      Actively  Carrying  out  Online  Teaching
2020-03-02   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

In order to cope with the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, in accordance with the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, the Institute carries out multiple measures  to encourage students to'stop schooling but never stop learning, with even better quality'to ensure that the students can keep learning during this period thus to ensure the order and quality of teaching.

 Reasonable arrangements and dynamic adjustments are made. The Institue tentatively carries out online teaching for four weeks (February 24 to March 22), and makes dynamic adjustments according to the development of the epidemic in due course. From February 24th, students have started to take online “optional” courses of this year (from February 18th to February 23rd); from March 2nd, most theoretical courses arranged in this years curriculum are taught online. At the same time, taking into account the characteristics of online learning, the Academic Department made and distributed the online teaching schedule of Sichuan Institue of Industrial Technology. The period of teaching is 45 minutes each time, with 10 minutes’ break every 45 minutes.

 Plans are carefully made to standardize the teaching procedure. In order to provide standard, stable and flexible online teaching, the Academic Department has formulated a comprehensive online teaching work-plan. For the postponed part of the theoretical class, online courses are the top option. Online teaching mainly uses the online courses platform ( Universitiss MOOC in China, Superstar Learning Link, Wisdom Tree Platform, Xuetang Online Platform, etc.) and online social media (such as WeChat, QQ, etc.). The experimental courses will be carried out in the national virtual simulation experiment teaching project sharing platform (experiment space), and students are required to participate in the VS learning.Supplementary teaching materials and content will be conducted after students returning to school.

Organize Q & A and help students remove their doubts. The Academic Department has recently collected and sorted out students’ doubts about online courses. Among them, more frequently asked-questions are, 'What if I have difficulty participating in online courses?' 'Is it also possible for college students to have mental health courses online?' 'How to deal with my academic status such as suspension, resumption, extension, etc.? 'What about the graduation project (thesis)?' 'What are the precautions for online learning?' The counselor had informed the students as soon as possible through class discussion, so that the students can relax from their doubts and participate in online courses easily and plainly.