Sichuan  Institute  od  Industrial  Technology  signs  Intercollegiate  Cooperation  Agreement  with  Baekseok  University,  Korea  
2019-09-17   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

On February 26, Prof. Zhang Xiaonan, the president of our Institute, and his team of 3 people visited Baekseok University in Korea by invitation and received a warm reception from Baekseok University.



On the morning of the 27th, Mr. Zhang Zezhen(???), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Baekseok University and all the leaders of the University met with President Zhang and his party.  Mr. Zhang Zezhen exppressed his strong willingness to carry out substantive and mutually beneficial cooperation and exchanges with out Institute since the two institutions have much in common in major setting, school sunning philosophy and development ideas. After the talks, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, starting from March 2019, to carry out practical and effective cooperation in areas such as students’ joint training and discipline construction. In the afternoon, Zhang Xiaonan and his entourage also visited the training venues of aviation, hote management, and Taekwondo of Baekseok University.




Baekseok University is a higher education institution with bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. The university has 12 undergraduates in business, information, tourism, and sports etc. with more than 17,000 students.