Inspirational  short  film  of  Sichuan  Institute  of  Industrial  Technology:  Here,  time  is  our  best  friend.
2020-02-16   From:Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology

The process of pursuing dreams is always lonely. Here, time is our best friend, and time is the best catalyst for sprouting hope.' After several months, the CCTV dual channel program-- promotional video of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology was officially launched today.



The entire inspirational short film, with refined and poetic words and students' daily life in school, constitutes a hopeful and attractive picture of campus life.



The flame in the dark is a beacon that guides you when you are frustrated and lonely. No matter how heavy our responsibilities can be, how big the setbacks seems, or how bitter our tears tastes, we remain calm, resolute, and decisive. That calmness is like a smile on your face when you organize your collar; the determination is like a fearless cry in your heart when you are running hard; the determination is like the self-confidence in your eyes when you wave the flag. Although the process of pursuing dreams is always lonely, it is because of the loneliness and frustration unique to this university time that we can rise and stay firm, and have the courage to reach the stars and have our own dreams. Only with the confidence of writing your brightest youth can you overcome all difficulties and obstacles. At Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology, after a time of panning, we can finally burn the sparkle in our heart into flame.



At present, the critical moment in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has come. We are at our home self-segregated, while thousands of medical workers and volunteers are fighting against the epidemic on the front line. The hope in our heart never has gone out, and never will go out, victory is near at the corner. Let us work together with the Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology and take initiative to overcome the difficulties and contribute our own strength to win this invisible battle.